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XY48T-B7105 Server Platform  


SKU Networking Cooling Others
B7105F48TV4HR-2T-N (2) 10GBase-T Passive cooler + Airduck + 6 Fans 12 DIMM;5GPU
B7105F48TV4HR-2T-G (2) 10GBase-T Passive cooler + Airduck + 3 Fans 12 DIMM;5GPU







Best Performance, Hardware-Enhanced Security, Best Business Agility


New HPC computing platforms based on the Intel Xeon Scalable Processors are designed for the heavy computing workloads of big data and high performance data analysis applications. The high-density platforms are targeted at the HPC, Machine Learning, and Technical Computing markets.

Powered by the Intel Xeon Scalable Processor, new range of cloud computing and storage platforms are optimized for data intensive workloads and virtualization applications to deliver extreme performance, density and scalability with power and cost efficiency.


 The XY48T-B7105 is a 4U dual Intel Xeon Scalable Processor platform that supports 5 graphics processors, 12 DDR4 DIMM sockets and 4 3.5-inch hot-swappable hard drive slots supporting SATA 6Gb / s for complex parallelism Computing applications such as scientific computing, gene sequencing, oil and gas exploration, large-scale face recognition and information encryption and decryption applications.






  • ● 4U Tower
  • ● Dual Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processor sockets (Skylake-SP)
    - Support up to 28 Cores / 56 Threads CPU
  • ● Intel® C621 PCH
  • ● (6)+(6) DDR4 DIMM slots supporting up to 1.5TB DDR4 RAM
  • ● (4) Hot-Swap 3.5" drive bays support,
    - (4) SATA 6Gbps / SAS 12Gbps drives
  • ● PCIe expansion slots:
    - (1) FH/HL PCIe x16 slot
    - (5) FL/FL PCIe x16 slots
    - (5) FL/FL PCIe x8 slots mux'd with adjacent PCIe x16 ones
    - (2) NVMe M.2 22110/2280 slots
  • ● (2) 10GBase-T LAN + (1) dedicate 1000Base-T IPMI ports
  • ● AST2500 BMC with IPMI & Redfish support
  • ● (1+1) 2,000W RPSU, 80-plus Platinum





Target Applications:
● Bio-Informatics, Life Sciences and Computational Chemistry
● Electronic-Design Automation
● Computational Finance and Computational Fluid Dynamics
● Computer Vision and MATLAB Acceleration
● Data mining, Analytics and Databases
● Imaging, Molecular Dynamics, Weather, Climate Modeling and Atmospheric
● Oil, Gas and Petroleum Exploration
●Physic and Scientific Research







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